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No blurriness at all. Everyone I purchased is very clean. Detailed!

Super cute lovvveee them!!!!

Everything look so detailed very clean work

The reg size are big. Definitely can fit medium length in size small

These ones are perfect for my medium length nails

I'm in lovvvee!!! My new fav spot for cute nail decals!!!!!

Love them!!

They are so easy to use, it only takes a few seconds in the water and they slide right off. Very is to apply on nails.

Easy to use and perfect for Halloween

My clients love these. Definitely buying again. Super easy to use!!


I never received my order.

I appreciate that Dumbo Decals were part of inventory. He is so underrated. Thanks seventy7..

I just love seventy7 decals! So easy to use, hard to find designs. Thank you seventy7 for amazing products!!


These are great not only for practice but I used them to make a decal for a nail. Just traced, colored, cured, peeld and placed on nail

Waterslide Nail Decals - Spooky Trees
Stephanie G. (Seattle, US)
Spooky Trees

I think they are and have been my favorite decal so far. Some of what I ordered I will put on my nails during the year, doesn't bother me. They are beautiful, the color is amazing, 🤩😍 I think they are incredible. I'm working on photos, I take terrible photos and I want to be doing some shorts. I'll get those things done very soon.
Thanks for the opportunity with your decals.
I totally recommend!!

My order came quick, the practice cards are fun to work with, and I have no complaints!

I like that you provide a number of options to choose from for nail art practice, and I appreciate how fast my order was delivered. I had no issues whatsoever. Thank you!

Love love love

Love Aladdin and these water decals are perfect. They came out beautifully on my nails

Great product

Perfect decals love em

Waterslide Nail Decals - Pennywise
Jozelyn P. (Plainfield, US)
Love love love !

These decals are amazing ! I’m not a great artist so these definitely help me ! Was my first time, was a little of a struggle but practice will help. Have to have patience!

Waterslide Nail Decals - Zombie Dolls
Joana S. (New York, US)
I love them.

These decals are so cute!!!

Best quality decals I've ever used!

I just now used these for the very first time and I'm in love and the quality was even better. Best waterside nail decals ever. Thanks chica. And it is tricky using them for the first time but I think they came out amazing for my first time. I can't wait to try it on a longer set of nails😍

Waterslide Nail Decals - Pennywise
STACI S. (Las Vegas, US)

These decals are amazing, a little struggle to use for me the first go around but the second set came out even better. They are super simple to use, just be sure to follow instructions.